The forgotten children of Checenia. Life in Grozny. Picture taken by Musa Sadulajew.

The forgotten children of Checenia. Life in Grozny. Picture taken by Musa Sadulajew.
The forgotten children of Checenia. Life in Grozny. Picture taken by Musa Sadulajew.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Greek Times, R-Evolution Times

How many times in this last year have we seen Greek people protesting onto the streets of Athens? We have missed the numbers, for sure.

What is surprising us is the following: Greek people are not missing their willing to fight the "system" and create a new one relying on justice and freedom.

We must never forget that Greece is the place where democracy was born more 2500 years ago. Greece taught us all what really means democracy. The ancient Greeks invented democracy. We have only copied it.

By the way it seems we have copied it in the worst possible way. The actual democracies in the Western world are nothing more than political oppressive systems based on the remembering of once upon a time was a real democracy.

For this reason is right and correct that Greek people once again is remembering us what means democracy. Democracy means that in absence of a full agreement, the majority has got the power to decide which is the best way to proceed along the road towards a real democratic state. When a minority took control of the power of a state this is no longer a democracy. It is all but democracy.

The degeneration of a democracy starts when a majority is not able to maintain his ideas, his convictions, his firm attitude. In this moment a minority of smart and clever people understands that the time to take control of the power is just arrived. This is the way how any dictatorship is born.

The Greek government is no more representing Greek people. The Greek government is just a minority. The only way for the Greek government to leave the scene with dignity is to call free general elections.

Greek people are doing what everybody here should do. They are recovering their freedom to choose.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Iceland: why no news?

If somebody actually thinks we have no censorship, then could explain us why, since we have knowledge of everything about Egyptian revolution, newspapers never told us anything about what really happened in these last two years in Iceland.

In Iceland People has dismissed the Government in full, the main Banks of the Country have been nationalized, the debt contracted with Great Britain and Netherland will not be reinstituted due to the very bad management of the financial and political crisis, an Assembly has just been created to rewrite the Iceland Constitution. People did all this in a peaceful manner. This is all a R-Evolution against the Power which, even here in the European continent, has driven us to the actual crisis.

Why here we could not know all these facts in the last two years long?
What would happen if the rest of European citizens should take example from Iceland people?

This is the story of the events in short:

2008: nationalization of the main Bank of the State. The legal currency value dramatically falls down; the Iceland Stock Exchange is to be suspended. The Country is in bankrupt.

2009: as result of the continues protests in front of the Parliament anticipated elections are to be called and the Prime Minister must leave his charge with all the Government members in full. The very bad economic situation is still continuing in the Country. By a law the reinstitution of the debt to Great Britain and Netherland is decided thanks to a payment of 3.5 billon Euros. This sum must be monthly paid by all Iceland families in the following 15 years at the interest rate of 5.5%

2010: people come back again onto the streets and ask to submit the law under a popular consultation (Referendum)

In January 2010 the Iceland President refuses to promote the law and announces that a popular consultation (Referendum) will be held.

In March the Referendum is celebrated and “NO to the reinstitution of debt” wins with an astonishing 93% of the votes. By far we have to add that the new Government has started an investigation to legally establish who are the responsible persons of the crisis. It starts to be arrested various bankers and high executive officers. A halt order is emitted by Interpol so that all the implicated bankers leave the Country.

In this crisis contest an Assembly is formed with the task to rewrite a new Constitution which must held on account the lesson learnt by the development of the economic crisis. This new Constitution must substitute the old one, just a mere copy of Danish Constitution.

The sovereign People are directly called to realize all this. 25 citizens, without any kind of political affiliation, are elected between 522 which have voluntary presented their candidatures. The only requisites to be elected are to be of legal age and be supported by 30 persons at least.

The Constitutional Assembly started his works on February 2011 and will submit a “Carta Magna” project starting from the recommendations which have been receiving the consensus of all different assemblies celebrated all over the Country.
The new Constitution shall be approved either by the actual Parliament and either the new one which will be constituted after new general elections will be held.

This is the story of Iceland “R-Evolution” in short: dismissing in full of all Government members, nationalization of the banks, Referendum to allow People to say a word on the most transcendental economic decisions, to jail the main responsible persons of the crisis and rewriting of the Constitution by the same citizens.

Have you heard any talking about this on the main Europeans communication media?
Have you heard any comment and/or opinion regarding these events in any of Radio/TV programmes?
Have you seen any image on TV about all these facts? Of course no!

The Iceland People has been able to give a lesson to all European Countries, firmly opposing to the System and give a lesson of democracy to all the rest of the world.

We all should learn something from Iceland people

Finally today in Barcelona (Spain) we have seen something that was worth of it. People armed a little Revolution against local politicians. The followers of 15-M movement took action.

It is still a little rebellion, of course, but it is very meaningful. People it is tired, bored, fed up with politicians, which are the “servants” of constituted system.

Politicians are no longer the people representative. They only represent the economic interests by which they are paid for maintaining the “status quo”.

All important revolutions in the world start with little rebellions like today in Barcelona. Or like two years of fighting in Iceland.

We all should take example from Iceland people. They have been able to change the system. Read apart in this same blog how they did it or have a look at the following video:

Why we think R-Evolution is not the right mean?

Due to we are living in a peaceful era (at least in Europe where a fought war on its territory is not occurring since 1945) it is universally thought that the right politically correct way to solve social problems is through a "No Revolution" manner. The last time European people saw in European lands a real Revolution was in Russia on October 1917. There is nobody still living who was a main actor of that time, but just in case he or she could be still living he/she would be so old that it would be impossible he/she could relate the revolutionary events exactly as they happened. Yes, we have some movies of Russian Revolution and pictures as well. However in that time photography and cinematographic technique were just moving their first steps. It is impossible to say if, almost hundred years later, we are seeing correct reports of that Revolution.

At least, we are sure of something: people living in a desperate, infrahuman conditions, people whose role was just to be servants like in the Medieval Age (slaves, in other words) found out the courage to reunite their still miserable strengths to fight against a devastating (for their lives) horrible political social system, the system of Russian Tsar.

Considering that a Tsar was no more than an emperor (or a king, if you prefer) this remind us that two hundreds and twenty two years ago another important Revolution took place in Europe. This time it happened in France and as for Russian Revolution people were insurgents against a social political system with the only aim to reduce human beings at a level of slavery.

Both revolutions meant thousands and thousands of deaths. Thousands and thousands of human beings immolated their lives just lying on one hope, the "Hope of Freedom". Their sacrificed their lives hoping that next generations could live free and not as slaves as they were living up to that moment.

Revolution means deaths, blood in the street, terror even in private houses. Pain and suffering suddenly become the leit-motif of people lives. For these reasons revolutions do not last too much time. People can't bear a level of suffering too long.

Thanks to this experience of the revolutionary times, nowadays we think the best manner to solve social problems is to not make revolution. We prefer dialogue. We prefer a slow but no suffering way to find solutions. In other words we have adopted a system based on the principles of "Reforms and Evolution".

Very good idea, we have to say. In theory it should work very well. The truth is that this way is now only food for idiots. The idea that Revolution is not suitable to solve social problems can only told in a way: bullshit.

We have forgotten an important lesson. There are three things in life anybody will never gift you. They are: Freedom, Power and Money. Do you want them? Take them!

Our society is so sleeping that it is unable to understand a simple truth: if we don't fight for our freedom nobody can do it for us. So the question is: is it still worth of it to fight for freedom?

My answer is: yes, it is still a value to fight for freedom, to fight recovering a dignity lost in our collective memory.