The forgotten children of Checenia. Life in Grozny. Picture taken by Musa Sadulajew.

The forgotten children of Checenia. Life in Grozny. Picture taken by Musa Sadulajew.
The forgotten children of Checenia. Life in Grozny. Picture taken by Musa Sadulajew.

7 - The Living Conditions of Refugees in Italy are inhuman, says a report of two German lawyers.

On summer 2010 two German lawyers Dominik Bender e Maria Bethke visited Italy on behalf of "Pro Asyl Foundation" which is specialized in tutoring political refugees from any countries in the world.

They have travelled and visited all the sites that in Italy are used by Italian Government to offer asylum to political refugees. At the end of their visit they issued a report titled "The living conditions of refugees in Italy".

The origin of the report must be found on some different cases of political refugees coming to Germany from Italy. They described the inhuman conditions they have been suffering in Italy during their staying in the country. The two German lawyers after listening so many complaints decided to travel to Italy and especially visited Turin and Rome, the two Italian town where asylum seekers or already with the status of "political refugee" were living.

The report had a large diffusion in Germany and created a big scandal. The direct consequences were that in 50 cases the German magistrates (judges) denied to refugees to come back to Italy because they said: "There are too much inhuman conditions, almost near to the limits of human dignity".

In Italy the documents that inspired the report of Dominik Bender e Maria Bethke have been published by which is the web-site of La Repubblica newspaper.

By courtesy of below you can have a look to a set of 35 pictures explaining why "The living conditions of refugees in Italy" is such an exceptional document.

If you are already following R-Evolution blog you know I have never ever had any fear to express my opinion. Of course also this time I will express it, to be faithful to my R-Evolution editorial line and philosophy. However, I have to advise you about some hard opinions I am going to write. If you think that hard opinions can offend your sensibility I suggest you to terminate here your lecture. You have no obligation to know my opinion, but let me free to say what I think on behalf of freedom of expression.

Well, my opinion is various opinions so I have to title any of them. They are the following:

  • Shame on Italy: of course it is a shame that such a civilized country as Italy, with thousands of years of history since the Roman Empire which has inspired even modern legislations by Roman Law and considering this same country is the home of the Catholic Apostolic Roman Church (in other words Italy is considered all over the world the cradle of Christianity), well, as said, it is a shame that this kind of violent behaviours can happen just in Italy. By this horrible episodes of racism and useless violence Italy show a degenerated "dark side" in his society, where the apparently smiling gentleness reserved to tourists, for instance, hides a form of obscene racism towards miserable people that all are asking is just a bit of human tolerance and comprehension. I repeat, shame on Italy, without any chance of appeal. 
  • Shame on Germany as well: considering the recent past of German nation I find really a shame that German people are horrified and see as a scandal what happens in Italy. The reason because I say this arises from a simple question: why German people consider now a scandal what happened in Italy and they have never ever considered a scandal what happened in their same country with Jewish holocaust? Maybe have they forgotten how big were lagers under Nazism? Even if, as said, it is a real shame what happened in Italy, is almost nothing if compared with what occurred in Germany during World War Two. In my opinion German people are the lasts to have the right to talk about inhuman conditions since they have been a population that with their silence allowed one of the most brutal oppression and genocide in human history. They have no right to give lessons to other population all over the world, not only to Italian people, sorry.
  • A first big applause and thanks: yes, I think that the two German lawyers Dominik Bender e Maria Bethke deserve to be thanked and the right to receive a big applause from any person that, in the world, appreciate the defence of Human Civil Right. Well done, Dominik and Maria. We need more lawyers like you, independently if they are Germans or not, all over the world.
  • A second big applause and thanks: this time the big applause and thanks are for La Repubblica newspaper and its web-site Since the object of the report is a shameful behaviours of Italian society it is an act of value to publish all the report in the same country where all this happened and the newspaper is located. The Italian newspaper has showed an attentive sensibility about Human Civil Rights. The matter the it has published all the whole report show an attitude of respect towards marginal people whose voice is "silence" and "invisibility" only because they had the misfortune to be born in countries with no kind of respect for human life. 
Now you are welcome, as always, if you wish to post your comments on this Blog. I encourage you to freely express your opinion. Any kind of opinion. I only kindly ask you to express a civilized and respectful opinion in the event you don't agree with my point of view. Thanks.

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