The forgotten children of Checenia. Life in Grozny. Picture taken by Musa Sadulajew.

The forgotten children of Checenia. Life in Grozny. Picture taken by Musa Sadulajew.
The forgotten children of Checenia. Life in Grozny. Picture taken by Musa Sadulajew.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hallelujah hymn to dismiss Berlusconi is polite and ironic. Insults, whistles and launch of coins is really vulgar.

"The king is dead" said the Queen, announcing his husband's death. "Long life to the King" answered the monarchic court and the people reunited to listen the announcement.

How many times in a monarchic state people listened this exhortation since the past times? Tens of times, I suppose. Then people ask for a new king.

But in a republican democracy what people answer when the head of his government is dismissed or self-dismissed as in the case of Italy for instance? Well, they say something is not really polite to repeat here I suppose. 

You know, for my previous posts, I am not a fan of Mr. Berlusconi. But this doesn't mean that I have forgotten the rules on how fairy playing the game of democracy. One of these rules is: an adversary is not an enemy, first of all. If you beat your adversary, first of all you must respect him. Not to insult him or, worst, kill him.

All in all we have to consider that Mr. Berlusconi, yes, has been beaten but not in a general election, since he has beaten by a "Market's verdict". This is very much different, do you know?

So, even if I am not a supporter of a monarchic system, I have to admit that there is a wide difference of style of the people between the reaction at a king's death and the reaction to the Italian PM's fallen. Maybe, in this sense and only in this sense, monarchy model is better than republican democracy model. Because this last models, at least in Italy, it seems to me enough vulgar. (Do not forget, anyway, the origin of the world vulgar, that comes from Latin name "vulgus" that means people).

Said this and to compensate this fallen of style by some groups of Italian people, there are other groups that have demonstrate a good sense of humour and resigned and maybe Christian acceptance of the events. I am referring to some people that with music instruments and a vocal chorus had intonate Hallelujah hymn to celebrate Mr. Berlusconi's fallen. 

Ever there are two souls in Italy. One soul is populist and vulgar, another one is charming, sophisticated and even elegant. I tend to appreciate more this second Italian soul. This is the type of Italy that correctly represent the real magnitude of a population that something more than 500 years ago expressed the most renowned talents of the world, to which the world is still grateful. I am referring to all the genius of the Renaissance Age. 

For this reason I invite you to see and listen how this part of Italian people superbly thanked Mr. Berlusconi's resignation from the charge of Prime Minister. Enjoy it.

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