The forgotten children of Checenia. Life in Grozny. Picture taken by Musa Sadulajew.

The forgotten children of Checenia. Life in Grozny. Picture taken by Musa Sadulajew.
The forgotten children of Checenia. Life in Grozny. Picture taken by Musa Sadulajew.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Modern Monetary Theory i.e. how to solve (at least technically) the actual global economic crisis

I beg your pardon if I didn't find the time, till now, to keep alive this Blog with new posts and informations. My Blog is a small independent Blog, I know, and for the moment the Blog has a very little amount of readers. However even if the reader was just one this reader should be respected as if there were millions of readers. What really matters is not the amount, the quantity, but the quality. By the way I have a personal life as well. My personal life in these last 15 days is that I have been enough busy (as any other people in the Western world, I believe, due to the Christmas season). Don't forget I live in Antarctica, South Pole ....... hehehehe ;-))). I couldn't find enough time to inform you about new discovers I did.

Now I am here again to improve the quality of this Blog. Quality for me is to inform people on how in our time there is a lot of confusion around some important matters and events of our present life. This is the reason because I titled this Blog "R-Evolution? Yes, Please!" intending with this we need to reconsider the way we made our evolution till today. With the "R-" before the name Evolution I suggest the idea we need to make a new form of Revolution, enough different from the old way to make a Revolution. The difference between a Revolution and a R-Evolution consists of avoiding the typical mistake when a Revolution occurs. The mistake of any Revolution in the world (either in the past or in the present) is that any time a Revolution happens people destroy almost everything and start again from a "point zero". In a R-Evolution process people understand there is something good of the old system that must be saved and from this point that we can call  "Point 3" (or 4, 5 or what else) we have to start again. Never in a R-Evolution process you have to start from a "Ground Zero" level. If after a R-Evolution process we start again from a "Ground Zero" level this means that the process is a Revolution process, not a R-Evolution process. This must be seen as a failure, then. Success is R-Evolution, not Revolution.

Today I wish to take under your attention the following new process, a R-Evolution process. His name is "MMT" which means Modern Monetary Theory. I have been able to know and understand it thanks to an Italian journalist whose name is Paolo Barnard. If you understand Italian language and you want to know more about him, please go to or go straight to the following page if you prefer to know his last work about MMT. The link is:

However Mr. Barnard is not the inventor of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). He just discovered it and since he is a very good and reliable journalist he is trying to inform people about its existence. The real leaders of this new theory are based in United States and they are a group of professors, students and researcher based at the Department of Economics, University of Missouri, Kansas City. You can go straight to the page of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) If you follow this link: 

The MMT team based in Kansas City at University of Missouri is basically composed by the following professors: William Black, Michael Hudson, Stephanie Kelton, Warren Mosler and L. Randall Wray. But there are other people equally importants working and living in others sites in US or around the world. They are: Marshall Auerback in Denver at Levy Institute and Alain Parguez which is based at the Université de Franche-Comté at Besançon (France), Faculty of Law, Economics and Political Science.

It is enough years that all these people are diffusing and informing about Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) all around the world. What happens right now is that, due to the global crisis, this theory is not just a mere theory but possibly the only practical tool by which we can go out of the tunnel (better, the nightmare) of the economic global crisis.

Mr. Barnard is trying to set a meeting up in Toscana (Italy) on the next month of February. The meeting is not actually confirmed because it is a very expensive meeting and Mr. Barnard needs the support of all the people who wish to assist it. It will be held under the form of a two days seminar. Some of the people named above will fly to Italy to held the seminar. If, for any reason, you wish to participate follow this link: and you are going to be explained on how to participate (but remember, you must understand Italian. If not, remember, Google Translate can help you).

Well, I hope you could find interesting to know what is Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) and how can solve our global economic problems. Maybe we can meet on February in Italy. I can't assure my presence, right now, but it is highly probable I will be present at the meeting. I will do all my best to see you there. Keep informed on this same Blog.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bashar Al Assad and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

On December 10, 1948 the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Today is recurring the 63th anniversary, of course. If today you listen TV news or have a look about information web-sites you can see thousands of words dedicated to this subject. Starting from tomorrow, you will not see a word talking again of Human Rights. 

This is the reason because in this site you have always found the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a permanent reminder for our consciousness. Since the beginning when I started this Blog one of my first posts (edited in "Pages" section at the bottom of the Blog) was dedicated to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The reason because I decided to dedicate one of my first thoughts to this Declaration is very easy to imagine and understand. Today I just want to explain it to you.

We, human beings, due to the simple matter we are living beings, since the first moment we start living in this planet we own some basic rights that nobody, under no circumstance or event, can deny us. It doesn't matter if we are blacks, whites, reds, yellows or any other colour of our skin; it doesn't matter our sexual orientation; it doesn't matter which religion we believe; it doesn't matter which political idea we profess; it doesn't matter if we are poor or rich; it doesn't matter if we are cultured and well educated or not: It doesn't matter anything I mean. All that matters is we are here and we have some basic rights that nobody can take us away.

This is the reason because one of my first choices was to permanently publish the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In my opinion every day of the year is 10 of December. Every day of the year we spend on Earth we are spending it under the umbrella of Human Rights.

Tomorrow, when almost all the people all over the world will have forget what are Human Rights I will be still here remembering it for me and you. Because the human dignity must never be remembered, only lived. That dignity that in countries like Syria has been forgotten from his president Bashar Al Assad and a lot of people is asking him to respect.

Please, Mr Al Assad, have a look to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. People of your country, your same people, with your same blood, need that you understand you are correctly applying it. Stop, please, the Syrian genocide in the name of the Human Rights. The world is watching you waiting for a sign of tolerance and respect towards human dignity. Thank you.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How an intelligent, smart, clever and brilliant mind can explain us the actual economic global crisis. Elisabet Sahtouris is the person owning this mind.

I wish to talk about something that is highly probable a lot of people all over the world is experiencing in these last days of the year 2011. I am referring to a sense of frustration and impotence (not in its sexual meaning, of course) that is pervading our consciousness any time we are listening a TV News or reading a newspaper or browsing a news website. Every day for a minimum of twice a day we are listening or reading always the same messages. I mean that some words are recurring more and more times. These words are: economic crisis, social cuts, deficit, spread, sacrifices, "zero" growth, more taxes, less public costs, privatizations, welfare reductions. 

Well, unless you are too young or you have a short memory, in England, for instance, under Margaret Tatcher's "kingdom" or in United States under Ronald Reagan's presidency, we have already listened this kind of language. The only difference is that this time it seems to have a wider sense of urgency and the tone is more dramatic. For sure the form is a bit different, but the sense is still the same. The sense is: we are in big troubles and we need to take some measures to save our economic future. Maybe there is another important difference: it is the first time that this language is used on a global scale. 

Said this, now I would like that you make some reflections as I did. For your info the way I use when I make reflections is very easy and is the following: I wonder about the problem I am analysing trying to get all the possible answers, independently if these answers are or not solutions to my problem. When I am sure I have got all the possible answers then I will try to find at least three answers that better can match with a possible solution. Once I get these three answers I choose only the answer that can match almost 100% to the problem, I mean that I choose the answer which is the better solution to apply to the analysed problem.

It is almost a year I have been trying to answer myself the following question: is the actual economic crisis really true or is it only a trick invented by an evil mind or some evil minds to get a huge amount of profits on a large global scale in a relatively short time? 

For a strange case of the destiny, while I was looking around and around to finally get the right answer, almost one month ago I got the answer through a person I have never met but, in this moment, this person represents for me a sort of enlightenment I was looking for many years. The name of this person is Elisabet Sahtouris. She is 75 y.o. and was born in New York but she is actually living in the Balearic isle of Palma de Mallorca (Spain). She is an evolutionist biology and a futurist. Below you can see her picture as follows:

(Picture courtesy of Philip Lavere)

On November 14, 2011 on the back-cover of "La Vanguardia" newspaper published in Barcelona (Catalunya) appeared an interview with Mrs Sahtouris which is, in my opinion, a special piece of wisdom that it should be taught to students in primary and secondary school. If not, at least at university level her theory should be a must for all types of students of any universitary course. At least, this is my opinion. 

Since the interview has been made in Spanish, if you understand Spanish language you can follow this link and go to: if you wish to understand why I consider Elisabet Sahtouris an intelligent, smart, clever and brilliant mind which can help us to understand the actual economic global crisis.

If you don't understand Spanish and you wish to understand why I consider so much important Mrs Sahtouris' point of view on the historical moment we are living all together, I will try to help you resuming the interview into the most important points of her theory on how to approach the crisis. For sure the vital point is already in the title of the interview that says: "This crisis is biological: or we are going to co-operate or we will extinguish ourselves".

Elisabet Sahtouris informed us that analysing the Past, with the purpose to understand where we are going in the Future, discovered a maturity cycle into evolution. She assumes that Darwin's Evolution Theory is based on competition and Kropotkin's Evolution Theory is based on co-operation. If you merge both theories in a unique theory you get a theory much more complete.

In short she teaches us how the first forms of life on Earth should pass through a dilemma: if they wanted to survive they had to come into "maturity" step from a previous "youth" step. In the "youth" step all species are very competitive and creative. Then they come into a "maturity" step when they understand it is much more convenient to co-operate. This is due to the matter they understand co-operation is much more efficient.

At this point of the interview we are going to know something absolutely astonishing, if you are not a professional biology researcher like me. Half of Evolution happened when bacteria were the only living beings on Earth. During their "youth" step bacteria caused an impressive trouble on global scale. They ate all glucose and free acid available on the planet. As a matter of fact they caused a world famine, but the crisis urged bacteria to be more creative.

So bacteria invented food using sun, water and minerals. In other words they invented photosynthesis. This invention was a real success but the consequence was a global pollution because from photosynthesis you get a residual gas i.e. oxygen. 

Paradoxically oxygen was a pollution agent because it is a lethal gas at molecular level (Mrs. Sahtouris at this point of the interview remind us this is the reason why everybody take so many anti-oxidation agents). At the beginning earth and oceans absorbed most part of the oxygen. The remaining went to the atmosphere, which is composed by a percentage of 21% of oxygen.

However the result was a very fragile balance because if atmosphere has a 1 or 2% oxygen more everything could be burst and if atmosphere has a 1 or 2% oxygen less we couldn't breath. Delicate situation as you can easily understand.

At this point the interviewer ask to Mrs Sahtouris how it was possible to get the right balance. She answers that oxygen was killing a huge quantity of bacteria. Some of them escaped into earth. On the other side some bacteria developed like a solar shield and started crushing food (molecules) absorbing them. In this way they learnt to breath. These bacteria had more energy to spend because they were technologically much more developed. They invented the "electric engine".

This is the second moment you get astonished, as myself, I suppose. The kind of "electric engine" which is talking Elisabet Sahtouris is something very similar to human sperm, she says. They use this engine to swim, exactly like human sperm.

So at this point you get the third and most astonishing revelation of all interview. The revelation is the following: we, the human beings, are much more similar to bacteria than anything else ever appeared on Earth between us and them. None of other natural specie caused so many global problems like us and them. 

I don't know you but, at this point, I got an enlightenment and said: oh my God, this is true, absolutely true. We are behaving exactly like a bacteria because we are destroying everything all around us exactly like bacteria did millions and millions of years ago.

Luckily and even with this adverse scenario in mind, Mrs Sahtouris reassure us explaining that we are at a crossroads. The crossroads is this: actual crisis is biological, so we must decide if we want to extinct us or we want to co-operate. 

Personally I hope and believe that if bacteria understood how important was co-operation to avoid their extinction then, if we are so similar to them, we should understand we are at the same point. Co-operation is the only way to save our world. If we are not going to do so, well, this means we deserve to disappear from this planet. Sorry, my dear readers, but this is the only sad truth. So, please, do a favour to you, not to me. Next time you have the instinct to refuse to co-operate in your family, your job, your school, with your home neighbours and any other situation or moment of your life, remember please, as me, the "bacteria lesson". If you forget it, next time even forget to be still alive. Good luck everybody!

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Living Conditions of Refugees in Italy are inhuman, says a report of two German lawyers.

I just published in "Pages" section at the bottom of this Blog an interesting report by two Germans lawyers. The name of this report is: "The Living Conditions of Refugees in Italy are inhuman". Scroll down this Blog up to the bottom of it. On the left you will find "Pages" section if you want to look at the report.

If you are a kind of person who cares about other people's sufferings, especially misfortunes people whose only guilt is to be born in countries where human life is considered less than nothing, then you will be astonished to read what is published inside this report.

Please accept only a suggestion: if you are Italian or German be prepared to read some hard opinions of mine about Italy and Germany. This opinions are published at the end of the report.

No other suggestion to anybody, just feel free to have your opinion at your convenience and sensibility.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

"Escaños en Blanco" is a good way to apply R-Evolution life-style

Lately Spain it is a sort of laboratory of new politic forms of protest. Spanish people, taking inspiration from Egyptian revolution in Tahrir Place in El Cairo, at the beginning of this year created the so called 15 March Movement (15-M), which also inspired Occupy Wall Street - OWS movement in New York. The beating heart of 15-M movement is still surviving months later, by different forms of protest against the old political system.

The most important of this forms of protest, in my opinion, is represented by a Party that will participate tomorrow, 20 November, in next Spanish general elections. The name of the Party is "Escaños en Blanco". Literally translated it means "Benches in White". The purpose of this Party is to avoid that voters who are raged, unsatisfied, frustrated with the actual political system are not going to indirectly help the two major Parties which are Partido Popular (Popular Party - PP) and Partido Socialista Obrero Español (Spanish Socialist Party of Workers - PSOE). If voters are not going to vote or they go and cancel the vote or vote in white, well, all this behaviours are going to make a favour to the two biggest Parties due to a complex mechanism on how the votes are distributed. 

Escaños en Blanco Party (Benches in White) pretends to collect the votes of all unsatisfied people but, in the event that the sum of their votes produces an elected candidate or maybe candidates, they will not occupy their benches and they are not going to be paid for it. The seats in the Spanish Parliament will remain void for all the time of the legislature which is supposed to be 4 years. In this way Escaños en Blanco founders say the seat not occupied by a Parliamentary Member will remind to other MPs that there are people that have voted but they disagree with them.

Well, dear Spanish voters, if you are undecided or frustrated with the actual political Spanish system, then now you have found somebody available to (un)represent you. You can go to your polling station and express your rejection in an absolutely legal way.

By my side I feel satisfied that there are people, like people of Escaños en Blanco, able to apply R-Evolution principles. My sympathy is totally for you, guys and gals. Well done.

For your info, here the way how they present themselves on their web-site:

Súmate a la revolución...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Some thoughts and reflections about Benetton UNHate campaign.

Benetton company is back, we must say. Once again Benetton is surfing the Spirit of Time, like in the '80s. 

This time the new Benetton campaign is all but nobody in the world will remain indifferent. I know everybody wish to comment, positively or negatively, all the pictures all over the world. Everybody wish to comment from his/her point of view.

So this is my opinion: I find the idea of this campaign absolutely revolutionary and interesting. I do not enter in moral, ethic or aesthetic considerations. Anybody can think what prefers. What I would like to underline here is the following: why we live in times where a private company must push the "value of not hating" if we have a world organization like United Nations that should be worried about this kind of matters? Why we haven't the pleasure to see and listen something strong like this campaign since UN foundation in the '50s?

I know this kind of queries will never receive an answer from UN's General Secretary. However I find interesting if somebody, one day, could ask him the same.

Meanwhile, enjoy below the pictures of the Benetton campaign, in the event you don't know what I am talking about. Here the pictures (courtesy of UnHate Benetton web-site):

For your info, the last picture is a kiss between the Pope Benedict XVI and the Iman of El Cairo Mosque Al-Azhar. Vatican hierarchy has vigorously protested about it, so Benetton company probably must cancel this picture from the campaign. Once again Vatican missed a fabulous chance, I believe, to understand modernity. 

For this reason let me ask for something to the same Pope: how can we walk on the road of peace if Catholic Church do not co-operate on the UNHate road? Again, in this occasion, Benedict XVI and his council of cardinals showed a feeling of intolerance. Welcome back to the Crusades times, my dear readers. Mala tempora currunt!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Good luck and good work Mr. Monti. And Italy as well.

The new Italian government is born. Who, as myself, knows the times of Italian politic, than he/she must admit that Mario Monti did something absolutely new for Italy. He respected the "Timing". He promised a government for today and this same afternoon, just one hour ago, the new Italian government was born. Maybe is even born a new style in Italy, maybe.

Below you can find all the members of the new Italian cabinet: 

Picture courtesy of web-site

There is nothing to say right now, because a new government has the right to a 100 days "honeymoon" with people, Italian people in this case. So any opinion or judgement is temporarily suspended.

All I can say is: good luck and good work, Mr. Monti. And, most of all, good luck Italy. Both are going to need a lot of it. I hope you could apply some of the principle of R-Evolution, as expressed since the beginning in this Blog. See you on February, at the the end of February. Bye.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Berlusconi, not only the most loved but even the most hated by women (Femen activists)

People following this Blog already know I have expressed a positive opinion on how Femen activist group lead the battle on women cultural development in Ukraine and all over Europe. 

The reason and in short is because I find the way the Femen activists use to express their rage and contrariety absolutely respectful of the first elementary democracy principle. I mean that Femen is always protesting in a way absolutely pacific, even if the form is enough folkloric. 

However the matter Femen has a folkloric way to protest doesn't decrease the value of their ideas and the battle for them. I even suspect that it enforces them.

So again Femen has found a spectacular way to enjoy Silvio Berlusconi resignation from the charge of Italy's PM. Some of Femen activists reunited in front of the Italian embassy in Ukraine and once again half naked have uncorked bottles of champagne and dedicated banners and noises exclamations to Berlusconi's departure from Palazzo Chigi in Rome.

You can find here the visible documentation of this ironic and humoristic action. Have an hilarious moment, my dear readers. Life is short and too much dramatic sometime, so we absolutely needs somebody that makes us laugh. Thank you Femen to bring a smile in our lives that are so sad for some guilty criminals like financial speculators all over the world.

Monday, November 14, 2011

I show you how it works censorship at (and in general on any mass-media)

My dear readers, if sometime you wish to understand how it works a censorship on mass-media, well, I can show it right now as follow:
  1. Decide to write a "post" in a forum freely expressing your absolutely personal opinion about an event which is discussed, for instance, in an article of a newspaper (Notice: when I write "absolutely personal opinion" I mean that, even using a polite attitude, you are not going to follow the "main stream" and you are not using a "politically correct" attitude)
  2. Upload your post and hold on 5 to 30 minutes to see if it has been published. If not, this means that your post has been censored by moderators of the forum
  3. Then write another "post" using the "main stream" and "politically correct" language of the newspaper where you want to publish (Notice: for "main stream" and "politically correct" I mean that you are writing about something that the newspaper's editorial direction can find is matching with its editorial line)
  4. Again upload your post and hold on 5 to 30 minutes to see if it has been published. Don't worry and be sure that this time in less than 3 minutes you will see appearing your post. It is absolutely true, trust me.

Anyway, in the event you don't want (and you are right) to believe only to my opinion and you want to see a proof of this opinion, well, I am delighted to offer you one. 

Herein you can find 2 posts I have tried to publish (this morning the first one and in the early afternoon the second one) on Italian web-site of Corriere della Sera (the oldest Italian newspaper) regarding an article I wished to comment some opinions. The web-site is Since my posts were not following Corriere della Sera "main stream" and "politically correct" editorial line, they weren't published. Later, in the late afternoon, I wrote another post for the same web-site but this time following "main stream" and "politically correct" editorial line. Of course, this time, it has been published.



E' importante ciò che si dice ... 14.11|11:35 Charlie1960
victor the iron blade
lunedì 14 novembre 2011, 12:33

Finalmente qualcuno che pone un post da persona informata, qualcuno che prima di opinare per opinare si documenta. Charlie 1960 ha centrato il problema, quanto meno dal punto di vista tecnico-economico. Il punto è, scusate se il paragone vi sembrerà allucinante (ed in tal caso vi invito a leggere il capitolo opportuno in "The Shock Doctrine" di Naomi Klein), che qui siamo finiti come in Sud Africa quando crollò l'Apartheid. Da un lato i "negri" si preoccupavano di garantirsi il diritto alla "Libertà" (di voto, espressione, ecc.) mentre dall'altro i "bianchi" (del FMI e del World Bank) si preoccupavano di "blindare" tutte le ricchezze del paese nelle loro mani suggerendo provvedimenti legislativi ad hoc. Seppure Berlusconi è una "male" di cui l'Italia aveva bisogno di liberarsi ciò che dobbiamo capire è che qui si sta cadendo dalla "padella alla brace". Se da un lato intoniamo (giustamente) canti di alleluia per esserci liberati del Silvio nazionale dall'altro qualcuno (a Bruxelles e Washington) sta intonando un Requiem o un De Profundis sull'Italia. Dobbiamo capire una cosa: la UE e l'Euro si stanno rivelando una prigione. Dobbiamo liberarci di essa se vogliamo sopravvivere o finiremo come i Greci che hanno perduto la sovanità sul loro stesso debito perché adesso rispondono direttamente di esso alla Banca di Inghilterra. Esatto, questo è stato fatto, vi prego di documentarvi sul Blog di Paolo Barnard se non mi credete (



Un applauso al Corriere che non pubblica post fuori dal coro
victor the iron blade
lunedì 14 novembre 2011, 13:55
Bisogna fare le riforme neo-liberali però in quanto ad applicare la prima regola della liberalità, ovvero il diritto alla libertà di espressione, sembra che a non abbiano letto né la Costituzione ItalianaLa Dichiarazione Universale dei Diritti dell'Uomo. Soprattutto quando si cita una fonte giornalistica che non è di gradimento alla direzione del Corriere per cui i "moderatori" in realtà non sono altro che dei moderni "torquemada" da inquisizione tecnologica. Bravo, continua pure a censurare chi, come me, sta fuori dal coro. Perché in Italia le voci alla Pasolini, per esempio, in nome del catto-comunismo tuttavia imperante bisogna sempre zittirle, vero? Infatti la missione giornalistica, in omaggio al cambio dei tempi, ormai non è far conoscere la Verità ma è: evitare che si conosca la Verità. Sempre c'è qualcuno disposto fare il lavoro sporco, vero 



La commedia è finita, the farce is over.

That's all folks, mates!
victor the iron blade
Tra le tante cose dette ce ne sarebbe una da dire che non ho ancora udito, ed è la seguente. Se è vero come è vero che Berlusconi (che non amo, sia chiaro) non si può liquidarlo come se fosse il solo responsabile visto che lo hanno democraticamente eletto svariati milioni di italiani che evidentemente da lui si sentono ben rappresentati, allora proprio questi italiani sono i veri responsabili dello sfascio a cui siamo andati incontro. I quali elettori che hanno votato Berlusconi proprio perché in lui si rispecchiano, probabilmente una delle ragioni per cui lo hanno fatto è che pensavano fosse la "furbizia" la migliore qualità di Berlusconi. Allora, cari elettori berlusconiani, se vi sentivate cosí ben rappresentati avete commesso un gravissimo errore di valutazione. Una cosa essenziale per essere dei veri "furbi" è che prima di tutto bisogna capire ciò che gli altri stanno dicendo e soprattutto decidendo. Ma Berlusconi, per il fatto di mal parlare e sicuramente mal capire l'Inglese durante le riunioni UE e G8/G20, come può essere considerato furbo se gli manca una chiave tanto importante come l'inglese per "accedere alla stanza dei bottoni"? Ma lo volete capire che per quanti miliardi abbia alla fine ha sempre fatto la figura del fesso e del provincialotto laddove ci ha rappresentato? Insomma Berlusconi non ha rappresentato l'Italia bensí la caricatura dell'Italia. Ciò che però temo è che la caricatura dell'Italia alla fine sia l'Italia stessa. That's all folks, mates!

So now you can have your own opinion and judge by yourself if I told you the truth or not 

In the event you wish to know my opinion it is the following: at there is a serious problem about how to apply "Freedom of Expression" fairly. I would like to suggest to editorial direction of to spend a bit of time reading article 21 of Italian Constitution and also the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Helsinki, 1959). Because I fear that even Mr. Berlusconi is rightly considered guilty to be a little Napoleon due to his dictatorship attitude, on the contrary it seems that to censor a different idea of yours is something fully inside the Italian DNA
IMPORTANT NOTICE: The most probable reason because didn't publish my first post was because at the end of it I cite a journalistic source they don't like. The source is the web-site of Italian journalist Paolo Barnard. The second post was not published because was a complaint about the censorship they adopted on the first post.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hallelujah hymn to dismiss Berlusconi is polite and ironic. Insults, whistles and launch of coins is really vulgar.

"The king is dead" said the Queen, announcing his husband's death. "Long life to the King" answered the monarchic court and the people reunited to listen the announcement.

How many times in a monarchic state people listened this exhortation since the past times? Tens of times, I suppose. Then people ask for a new king.

But in a republican democracy what people answer when the head of his government is dismissed or self-dismissed as in the case of Italy for instance? Well, they say something is not really polite to repeat here I suppose. 

You know, for my previous posts, I am not a fan of Mr. Berlusconi. But this doesn't mean that I have forgotten the rules on how fairy playing the game of democracy. One of these rules is: an adversary is not an enemy, first of all. If you beat your adversary, first of all you must respect him. Not to insult him or, worst, kill him.

All in all we have to consider that Mr. Berlusconi, yes, has been beaten but not in a general election, since he has beaten by a "Market's verdict". This is very much different, do you know?

So, even if I am not a supporter of a monarchic system, I have to admit that there is a wide difference of style of the people between the reaction at a king's death and the reaction to the Italian PM's fallen. Maybe, in this sense and only in this sense, monarchy model is better than republican democracy model. Because this last models, at least in Italy, it seems to me enough vulgar. (Do not forget, anyway, the origin of the world vulgar, that comes from Latin name "vulgus" that means people).

Said this and to compensate this fallen of style by some groups of Italian people, there are other groups that have demonstrate a good sense of humour and resigned and maybe Christian acceptance of the events. I am referring to some people that with music instruments and a vocal chorus had intonate Hallelujah hymn to celebrate Mr. Berlusconi's fallen. 

Ever there are two souls in Italy. One soul is populist and vulgar, another one is charming, sophisticated and even elegant. I tend to appreciate more this second Italian soul. This is the type of Italy that correctly represent the real magnitude of a population that something more than 500 years ago expressed the most renowned talents of the world, to which the world is still grateful. I am referring to all the genius of the Renaissance Age. 

For this reason I invite you to see and listen how this part of Italian people superbly thanked Mr. Berlusconi's resignation from the charge of Prime Minister. Enjoy it.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Do you know how many slaves are working for you? 39, for me. This is shocking, right?

I have been shocked at the end of a survey I have been taking surfing the following site: Why shocked? Because I have found that at least 39 slaves are working for me but I was not informed about it.

I suppose would you now wonder me: what kind of person are you, Victor, if 39 people working for you are working as slaves?

My dear friends and readers, this is not the news. The news is that for everybody of us living in the Western World, there are at least 25 people working as slaves in countries not fully developed. Yes, you understand well. I wrote 25 slaves, not workers.

Nowadays we tend to think that slavery is an evil of past centuries. This is not true. Our lifestyle is producing a new form of slavery for which we are not fully conscious. Big and famous brands are running sweatshops as never happened before. That pair of shoes that you paid not so much maybe were done from a human being in infra-human conditions in China or India or Korea or Thailand or Vietnam or wherever. The same for your notebook, smartphone, PC, tablet, DVD/Blue ray, TV screen, sunglasses, t-shirt and so on. 

It is all a matter of supply chain, which is another way to say globalization. We don't know how and when a product have been done. All we know is how much it costs and if we like it or not. But if for that product somebody is working 21 hours a day in a mine or in a cotton field or in a factory we are not informed. Would have you bought that same product if you could read this information in the label? I don't think so.

This is the reason because I suggest you to have a look to the site Take my same survey and discover how many slaves are working to allow you your life-style. In my case, as told, they were 39. I am really ashamed for it. So I promise to myself to change my life-style. How can I do it? It is very simple: there is an application you can download from the site. This application on your mobile (only for Android and iPhone at the moment) allow you to check before buying any product if the brand producing it is employing workers in infra-human conditions and where. You can decide, in this way, if you are still convinced to buy it or refuse it. 

The freedom of millions of people is in our hands. No more excuse, please. We must act now, we are already late. Trust me.

Monday, October 31, 2011

How immigration is changing the face of Europe.

Well, it is hard to admit but there something to really alarm any European citizen if you watch at the following video:

Supposing that you have just watched at the above posted video, maybe as me you are wondering: is this all true or this is just an alarming propaganda from some think-thank of the European Political Right?

Well, there is something to say without any doubt: numbers are numbers and in their cold rationality they are absolutely right and correct. We can't discuss if the fertility rate of 8.1 per Muslin family immigrated here in Europe is good or not, is right or not. It is and it is all.

What maybe we have to start as reflection is if this Muslin growth is compatible with these others images taken in London just a few months ago:

I don't think there something more to say. Anybody is free to think what he/she thinks is the most correct. By my side I am already prepared to be attacked from Muslin extremist people because, of course, they are followers of "The Religion of the Peace". Yes, sure!!!