The forgotten children of Checenia. Life in Grozny. Picture taken by Musa Sadulajew.

The forgotten children of Checenia. Life in Grozny. Picture taken by Musa Sadulajew.
The forgotten children of Checenia. Life in Grozny. Picture taken by Musa Sadulajew.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11/01: is the time of overcoming sufferings finally turned up?

10 years. Today is exactly 10 years since the Twin Towers were dropped down by a crazy kamikaze Islamic command. Today, for sure, we will see a lot of mourning celebrations all around the world, not only in the States. However, for many celebrations we can do, none of the 2,966 victims (2,998 as of Spring 2009) will come back to life.

Almost three thousands families will spend all the day remembering and suffering again that tragic day. It is highly probable that today, rising their eyes to the sky, they will simply ask: why?

Why this happened? Why anybody could do nothing to avoid that tragedy? Why ten years later we are all here wondering if again we can assist to another tragedy like that? Why, why, why?

It is incredible as it seems that, 10 years later from that horrible day on September, the world has not been able to understand the lesson of what really occurred. 

Maybe 10 years are not a lapse of time long enough to forget. For sure it seems it is not enough long for many, many people to forgive. 

I understand that it is almost impossible to forgive what a crazy Muslins command of terrorists did. But if 10 years after we do not start a common reflection if it could be a chance to close this chapter of the human history, maybe we are missing an incredible opportunity on the way of peace.

Do you remember Gandhi's lesson about peace? He said: there is not a walk towards peace, peace is the walk. Well, I believe that is now time to remember this important lesson.

I believe, in good faith, it is now time to proceed along the way to close all the bounds opened that day. It is now time to say: all it's over. So we have (or at least to try) to restart our relationship with the Muslin world.

I know, this is terribly hard. For sure the 2,966 families injured with the loss of a relative they don't agreed. But I think we have enough mourned for all of them. If we do not stop to cry for the victims 10 years later we are playing the game of whom wanting that the war with the Islam never ends. If 10 years later we are still here happy to fight this war I say something is going wrong.

Our Western world lies on some important values like compassion and forgiveness. If we do not apply compassion and forgiveness we are at the same level of the people that committed that horrible crime. We do not need and want to be at their same level, right?

So we must find the courage to say: that day there were other 19 victims more. Who were these victims? The 19 terrorists died in the attack. Because in the Islamic world there are 19 families crying for them today. Have not these families the same right to cry for the loss of their relatives?

What I think 10 years later it is not who was right or wrong. What I think 10 years later is: 3,017 people died, independently of the colour of their skin, the religion they believed, the political idea they had, the language they spoke and independently from their sexual orientation. 

A human being is a human being, this is the lesson I have learnt from 9/11. I don't mind who they were, where they lived and what they trusted. All that I know is that today I am deeply sad because on our planet there are 3,017 people less. And even if I do not trust that God exists, I will pray for their souls. Amen.

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if you wish to understand what I pratically mean on how to overcome pain and sufferings for so much deaths.

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